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Gambling Exposure & Its Influence On Gaming Vs Gambling

Gaming Vs Gambling

Gambling exposure describes the intensity up to which a person, group of people or population encounters gambling activity. There are many aspects of gambling that affect its exposure. Examples of these include the type of gambling activity, location and the number of venues. Gambling exposure is an important factor that needs to be considered in a discussion about gambling because gambling participation heavily relies on gambling exposure, and the gambling exposure factor can provide insight into what influences people to get into gambling in the first place. Some type of gambling has higher risks than others, and it can lead to problems when financial or personal distress occurs.

Gambling Tips


Gambling Setting

Gambling varies vastly with the location and type of venue. In other words, gambling takes place in different settings. Land based brick and mortar casinos seem to be preferred by gamblers, which may lead to more time being spent there. Even though age restrictions are imposed in brick and mortar casinos, an increased amount of these casinos can incite a feeling of wonder among the youth which can breed a large number of people who want to try out gambling. However, land based casinos are trying to dissuade problem gambling by putting clocks on the walls to let people know the time, self exclusion programs, behaviour tracking, policies against cash or credit advances etc. another setting that actively promotes gambling is the internet. Online gambling widens the scope of gambling to 24 hours a day, but there is no proof to suggest that it is causing any problem gambling.


There has been an increase in gambling over the past few decades. Greater availability and accessibility to gambling naturally increases its appeal to the common public.


Casinos and gambling have been represented in pop culture for a pretty long time now and it could definitely lead to greater appeal. The ads and movies show casinos in a positive light and this can lead to greater acceptance towards the public.



Even though gaming and gambling are used synonymously there is a subtle difference. Gaming is where a player wins due to skill, whereas gambling is where a player wins due to chance. However, games are now incorporating gambling features in them to gather more money. One such feature is called a loot box: a box when opened gives a person a valued object, valued only inside the game. With more and more gambling exposure, people would want to try these loot boxes; which is in a way, gambling. The main problem is that loot boxes can become addictive and before they know it, they might be spending more and more on them until they run out of money.






Gaming and Gambling- Controversies


There have always been many controversies happening around gaming or gambling? What are the major differences? What are the significances? What makes them equal? However, for the past few years, video games and gambling has found a new path becoming one or more like gaining the same interest in the gaming as well as gambling players. It’s not news that gambling and gaming are different, but the characteristics, which makes them both mainstream is what keeps them together. We will see controversies and other points that make both the niches similar or converge together in the same landscape. Without creating any further ado, let us dive into the post.

Battlefront 2

The first and the foremost topic we are going to discuss here is the controversy that makes the game gambling or simply gaming is none other than the Battlefront 2. The video game is simple. You will be passed to various other rounds, and you will win many points along with the game. The players can access various boxes that have currencies which will help them to buy many exciting offers and rewards. The game asks for $60 while purchasing and additional charges to purchase is done through the in-game currency spaces. The part where it gets controversy is whether the items that are possessed by the players are the only items in the boxes or do the players known what the list is prizes assigned to them. This has led to hours and hours of spending time playing and achieving in-box currency to begin the game. This led to the debate of whether the boxes that are used for gaming is a form of gambling. One can arrive into conclusion that this may be a form of gambling as looting the box to win a game or to pass the next level is same as gambling.



Another major issue faced by the games in both gaming and gambling is the currencies. The way you pass each level is similar to how you pass each game through gambling. Like mentioned before, there are in-game currencies that give you a space to purchase the next level rewards or even the other items or even real currencies that helps you to move forward winning the levels. As the levels go up, the reward also changes. Likewise, when you play gambling, the situation is the same. When you play online casino for that matter, you do it with digital currency. The same is applicable for video gaming too. You can trade the won tools of objects in video gaming through digital money.

Gaming and gambling

The keep point of discussion is whether gaming and gambling are the same. The answer would be, of course not; however, it shows some similarity which one can’t deny. Each game has its own set of rules and advantages. Each is different from how it works, but there are a few similarities that make the game similar to each other.

Gaming Vs Gambling: The Battlefront Controversy

Battlefront Controversy

Gaming combining gambling into the mix has been a topic of discussion in mainstream media these days. But if gambling was so prevalent in games, countries where gambling is illegal should ban the game right? Well, not exactly. It is actually not that hard to understand. The game itself does not promote or use any gambling per se, so they are not under the radar of the law. But the gambling aspect of the game is still there, just that it is very subtle in nature.

There have been great movements towards legalising and liberalising gambling practices across the world, but is not gaining ground simply because of the fact that it causes problem gambling in both adolescents and teens. However, gaming companies have worked around that problem and created something called loot boxes.

The idea of a loot box is simple: it is an in-game accessory that contains a large number of items that are quite valuable inside the dimensions of the game. There is one chance to get the most valuable item in the box, and after that you need to pay again. Academics have drawn parallels of loot boxes in games to gambling. However this discussion began with the release of the game Battlefront 2.

Battlefront 2


Battlefront 2 was a premium game released back in November 2017. It cost 60 USD to buy the game and to add to that, they added loot boxes as part of the in-game economy. Players have to use an in-game currency to unlock the boxes in order to gain access to randomly-generated rewards. This currency can be earned by playing the game, or by purchasing it using real-world money. This is not exactly a new concept: the concept of loot boxes pre-dates Battlefront 2 by at least 7 years when it was first introduced as part of the game mechanics in 2010 in the game ‘Team Fortress 2’. Other game franchises like FIFA, Mass Effect and Dead Space also adopted loot boxes. One of the first premium games to incorporate this into the game was Overwatch. The player could buy skins and decorative items in the game like mentioned above. This is where Battlefront went wrong.

Unlike Overwatch, where the items were solely for decorative purposes, items that were required for character progression were only available in loot boxes. The game mechanics also made it extremely difficult to gain the in-game currency required to open those loot boxes in limited time, forcing the players to open the loot boxes with real world money.

This is what sparked a controversy in the gaming community and it went so far as to the suspension of all in-game purchases and got the attention of the Belgium gambling regulators: all because of an online campaign against a game.


Loot Boxes: The Convergence Of Video Games And Gambling

Loot Boxes

Gaming and gambling are words used almost synonymously in the current era of video gaming. But there is a subtle difference between the two. Gambling is a game where the only factor that the player’s success depends on is their luck; whereas gaming is where the player’s success is dependent on how skilled the player is. It may or may not depend on dumb luck, but the level of expertise clearly matters in the world of gaming.

However, over the past few decades, gambling has slowly creeped into gaming as well. It has been expertly masqueraded in the form of something valuable. In the world of gambling, this is known as a loot box. A loot box is a gaming item, usually a box, that contains a large variety of items inside to choose from. However, there is a system employed where only one out of the many items can be chosen; and the choosing process is purely by chance. If the player is dissatisfied by what they got, they can do it again. However, the price for each try increases considerably.

This system of loot boxes has been employed extensively in different games in different formats. It can be seen as a wheel that can be spun for real money like in Candy Crush Saga, a loot box of weapons and skins like in Call of Duty, etc. Whatever it may be, people do not hesitate to spend money on them. And this creates one of the many problems of loot boxes.

Video Games And Gambling

Academics claim that a loot box is a clever way to disguise a gambling game. They claim that the chance based nature of loot boxes can be drawn as a parallel to gambling and may provide a gateway to problem gambling. Their concerns are quite justified as well.

Several governmental and regulatory bodies  have pointed out the issue and expressed concern; because a large number of people seem to be attracted to it. The main attraction of loot boxes is that their price starts out small. When the player sees that the item they received was not the item they required, they may pay again. That is where the catch lies: the successive purchases. Sometimes the people who are not satisfied with the outcome of the spin pay again and again until they get what they want. Several studies have found parallels of this to gambling and the more money they spend on it, the greater it becomes evident: loot boxes are a subtle form of gambling.

The use of loot boxes as primers to gambling is quite concerning, and requires quite the debate on national and international platforms. Just like online gambling, e-sports enjoys a legal gray area that companies tend to exploit for monetary needs. The best way to deal with this issue is by passing legislation to regulate such features.


The Similarities Between Gaming and Gambling


The world of gambling is quite different from gaming as both these aspects bring in elements of their own. But when you look closely, you will find a few similarities that are worth exploring. Understanding these similarities is important, and by doing so, you will be able to explain the approach that both these aspects take to move forward. As a result, you need to gain it all, and for that purpose, you need to read the following sets of similarities between gaming and gambling.

The Objective or Goal

Both games and gambling games have an objective or goal, and achieving the same will result in completion. This is a unique process and one of the main aspects that people look forward to while gaming or gambling. While different games have their own objectives, different gambling games also have their own objectives. Due to that, one cannot play either of these games without understanding the objective or acknowledging the path they have to take. The process might be time-consuming, but you need to follow it.

The Need for Practice

The Need for Practice

Be it gaming or gambling; you need to practice in order to understand all that it has to offer. By practicing, you can acknowledge the game and look into the features that make it whole. As a gamer, you will have to explore the game, identify the controls, and learn more about ways to develop your skills. This tends to be possible by spending hours of practice on the same. On the other hand. As a gambler, you also need to identify, develop your skills, and then proceed to make the most of it.

Focus and Attention

It’s quite hard to come across a gambler who will take their eyes off the table, just like how hard it is to come across a gamer who will take their eyes off the screen. These similar approaches talk a lot about the game and how it helps you stay focused and attentive. In case you make mistakes in this regard, you are bound to make way for a bad outcome that will destroy all the effort you have put into the mix. Due to that, being focused and attentive is a requirement for both gambling and gaming.

Social Tool

Social Tool

Building a social life is possible with both these aspects, and you can essentially make it all work. As a gamer, there are many games where you can mingle with players and carry forward the activity in style. Similarly, as a gambler, you can always make new friends and enjoy a round of gambling games at the casino. Due to that, both gambling and gaming are social tools that can be utilized to a large extent.

Should Video Game Loot Boxes Be Categorized as Gambling?

Video Game

Gambling and its regulations have ensured that things are utilized in the right manner with little hope or scope for change. Thanks to that, gamblers are making the most of it, and the industry is booming. But what about games that are out of their reach? Shouldn’t they be classified under gambling regulations? Well, if the game that you’re talking about is loot boxes, then things are bound to take a whole different turn. So let’s move forward and learn more about loot boxes to solve this particular problem.


For those of you who are not quite aware of loot boxes, you need to know that loot boxes are digital grab bags that players have to spend real or in-game currency on. Since you never know what is inside, you can expect to receive anything, and that includes rewards. Thanks to its uncertainty, loot boxes sit well with the definition of gambling but, for some reason, aren’t classified as gambling.

Top Games

Loot boxes weren’t only a famous venture because it has also created an impact. By being available in top video games, loot boxes bring the two worlds of gaming and gambling together. From FIFA to Fortnight, loot boxes are all around the corner and considered a feature of the game. Due to that, it was relatively easy for loot boxes to create a huge impact and get things going in their regard.

The Factor of Investments

Apart from the aspects of luck and other related features, loot boxes tend to also include a few investments. Yes, that’s right. Players may have to invest a lot of money in multiple loot boxes if they wish to win the jackpot. As a result, sharp similarities come into the picture, and thus, loot boxes end up being compared to gambling. This is one among the significant reasons why the debate around classifying loot boxes as a form of gambling exists and continues to exist.

Top Games

The Argument

Despite showcasing similarities and various other aspects, loot boxes weren’t regulated as a form of gambling. For example, the Entertainment Software Association asserted that loot boxes were a voluntary feature in specific video games that provide players with an opportunity to gain virtual items and other kinds of aspects. As they can enhance the overall gaming experience, they cannot be classified as gambling.

Since numerous players disagree with that statement, a change or two might be visible in the near future. Yes, that’s right. Specific countries from around the world are looking into the same, and even parents are stating complaints about their child getting involved in gambling. Hence, the future will surely bring in answers.

Similarities Between Gaming and Gambling


The past two decades have been marked as the era for technological advancements, and even today, it is rapidly changing on a day-to-day basis. The availability of internet has widespread the popularity and the use of smart devices and gadgets in today’s world. The human population is addicted to the use of smart devices and gadgets so much that we cannot imagine our lives otherwise. Not to mention, the virtual assistances like Siri and Alexa have taken over the world and the way of contemporary living. This form of advancement is noticed even in the gaming and gambling fields.

Are you confused? Worry not, we will jot down the similarities and the differences between the two!

Gambling and gaming

Gambling and gaming- what’s in a name

Although both these terms are used synonymously, there’s a sea of difference between the two of them. Gambling involves wagering an amount or any valuable item to an uncertain event or outcome. Gaming, on the contrary, is basically playing video games to win money or simply win a match.

In recent years, both of these have become an amalgamated version of one another, and hence it is rather difficult for people to curate the difference between the two.

The convergence in games

Some of the convergence in games includes:

  • Lottery
  • Many casino Games
  • Loot boxes
  • Esports

In today’s world, many of the lottery corporations have also used childhood and even adult games into the scratchcards. Many of these readily found games include:

  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble Sudoku
  • Yahtzee
  • Battleship
  • Bingo
  • Twister
  • Pictionary

The slot machines are also considered as one of the most loved games on the casino floor. If not for the revenue they generate and even the entertainment they provide the users, it would be difficult to predict the outcomes of the game. These slot machines also follow the popular theme of the gaming activities to attract audiences to their platform. Not to mention, the amalgamation of the gaming and the gambling realm increased with the increase of the social casinos.

Loot boxes

Loot boxes

The convergence of the gaming and the gambling industry also led to the invention of the loot boxes where the gamers make use of real –money, off the game to make sure of the benefits and the perks provided inside the game. This feature enhances a person’ gameplay and gaming experience. Not only is it a boon to the pro gamers, but is an equal advantage to the gaming companies as well. However, there exists a constant debate if the loot boxes were an inspiration taken initially from the gambling industry, or they’re confined just to the gaming industry.


The convergence of both the industries is undoubtedly an excellent experience for the players – but their advantages and disadvantages is still a topic of debate and interest among the enthusiast.


The convergence of Gambling and Gaming

Today’s World

Both the word possesses a different meaning – but is alternatively or synonymously used in today’s world. This blunder is mainly caused by the people or the “gamers” that are not familiar with the confusing options in each industry. We have curated this article to highlight the topic of convergence between the two sectors that have changed the way people game in today’s world.

For starters, gambling is one of the most olden forms of entertainment, which originated around the 17th Century in Italy. It directly relates to wagering money or any other valuable item, especially on events with an uncertain outcome. It mainly consists of three parts:

  • Consideration
  • Prize
  • Risk involved

On the other hand, gaming has a slightly different meaning. It simply refers to playing games and expressing the emotions of excitement and joy in a game. From console games to the mobile games, one person shooter to dressing games for the girls, all these falls under one single umbrella.

Gambling V/s gaming

Like noted earlier, gambling refers to the act or the entertainment that has been around the ages, and for some reason, it is often associated with violence, sin and vice. However, over the years, AGA has changed this perception in the society and has also managed to impart a sense of fun, joy and excitement associated with the age. Over the years, people have concluded that either you can win money, gain experience or entertainment from gaming.

Over the years, the popularity of the games in the gambling industry like the slots, and others changed the way people gambled. The invention of fast and high-speed internet has interchangeable shifted the realm to the gaming world as well. Also, the convergence of both the sectors of entertainment saw huge revenues coming in, both the industries played along nicely without any interruption.

Video games

Video games are simply called the act of gaming which started as react as the 1950s. However, its popularity grew only after it was exposed to the world of online mobile phones and the invention of other smart gadgets and devices.

The convergence of the two sectors

Since the invention of games like GTA and other console and desktop games, the confusion in the minds of the people raised to a different level. There exists a thin line between gambling for money and gaming for fun, and people often tend to confuse between the two.

A study which was conducted by the Morgan Stanley emphasized the five key differences between the two:

  • Cross marketing of both eh sectors on one single platform.
  • The introduction to gamification that impacted the gameplay and the games’ sole purpose.
  • Gaming features fund its way into the gaming sites, which includes a console, desktop and mobile games as well.
  • The introduction to the similar games in both the sectors.


The Convergence Of Gaming And Gambling


Although the two sound similar, and are in fact aesthetically and functionally similar, gaming and gambling are subtly different from one another. It is not so much in the way that they are played, but rather the method used to play the game. Gaming refers to playing and winning a game based on the skill that the player has. However, gambling refers to playing a game and possibly winning money, based solely on the luck that the person has. One of the most classical approaches to separate the two terms comes from a definition from Caillois who stated that there were 4 types of games: competitive games or agon, chance based games or alea, simulation game or mimicry and vertigo-type based (children spinning around and falling down dizzy) games or ilinix. In the context of gambling games, alea and agon are crucial as they are based on a combination of skill and luck.

Technological advancements have made digital media content easily shareable across multiple devices and networks sometimes known as digital convergence. This digital convergence has expanded itself to include gaming and gambling. A research concluded that there were mainly  5 types of convergences when it came to gaming and gambling:

  1. The introduction of elements of gambling into social media games
  2. The use of gambling features, especially social gambling, on online gambling websites
  3. Making non-gambling games into gambling games so that people get an opportunity to win items of value
  4. The consolidation of similar games on non monetary sites where the creator or operator of both gambling and non-gambling games are the same
  5. The cross marketing of online gambling sites to social casino players

The three most prevalent examples of the convergence of gambling and gaming are social casino games, loot boxes and e-sports.



Social casino games can be seen as gambling games, but instead of real world money, you play with in-game currency. This makes the process of playing the game much more fun because there isn’t much at stake. However, critics argue that social casino games might be setting the stage for a gambling addiction because when these people become confident enough, they might try to gamble with real world money.


Loot boxes are virtual boxes in games which contain a number of items that are valuable inside the game. The player is allowed one spin for a particular amount, and after that, for the next spin, another amount needs to be paid. There are a lot of parallels run between loot boxes and gambling, but no legislation has been passed against it because it is part of the game mechanic; and banning that would mean banning the entire game.



E-sports is a rapidly growing global phenomenon and it combines the skill required to win at video games and the luck to win a bet. E-sports betting has long been known as a very niche gambling arena, but it has now grown out of its niche; gathering millions of followers thanks to streaming websites like Twitch and Youtube.


What is Gambling-Like and Gaming –Like Games Means?


The gaming industry is a wide umbrella bringing together the various forms of gaming experience under it that includes and excludes any form of related financial transactions. Those that include financial transaction is called gambling. There are even other forms of games that need currency to purchase and doesn’t need for the rest of the game. However, over the years, there has been a grant confusion about whether financial purchasing of video gaming is called gambling or not. Whatever the case id, the players, as well as the critics, get confused with the same. In the following post, we will see some of the major difference as well as similarities and what make them converge into a single space.



While discussing gambling and gaming, there are specific differences and similarities between them. However, while discussing differences, you must know that gaming needs nothing but knowledge and skill. There may appear money related to money or not. But, those games that are purely based on a financial background in nothing but gambling. Few examples of gaming include; video games and many other similar online games where you are provided with many varieties of games and sites to play. You can play online, with a computer, or even offline. However, examples of gambling are entirely different. They comprise of roulette, table games, wheel spins, dice games, poker, and blackjack.  You will be provided with a lot of variety of games making gambling different from other gaming arenas.

Similarities/ Convergence

The next category is nothing but similarities. When we consider similarities, we must also check the way of convergence of both the platforms. Over the years, there have been various controversies in between both notion making it difficult for the people to categorize the activities into gambling and gaming. However, you must know that there are many features in gambling that belongs to gaming and vice versa. These similarities are mentioned like gambling-like gaming and gaming-like gambling criteria. Some of the criteria that represent these similarities and convergence are the currency, or the way games are played. Some games are becoming more controversial subject like mediate, facilitate, and practice gambling as well. Another media of this convergence is the esports media. It is a platform where games are connected towards the themes, gamification, ludification, as well as the up bring of digital culture. Few examples of gaming-like are electronic gaming machine (EGM), and gambling-like games are mini-games.



After reading all these, differences and similarities, we may be confused about whether the games we are playing are either gambling or gaming. However, even though these games provide enough merriment to the players, it is always best to understand the difference and similarities before playing.