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Similarities Between Gaming and Gambling


The past two decades have been marked as the era for technological advancements, and even today, it is rapidly changing on a day-to-day basis. The availability of internet has widespread the popularity and the use of smart devices and gadgets in today’s world. The human population is addicted to the use of smart devices and gadgets so much that we cannot imagine our lives otherwise. Not to mention, the virtual assistances like Siri and Alexa have taken over the world and the way of contemporary living. This form of advancement is noticed even in the gaming and gambling fields.

Are you confused? Worry not, we will jot down the similarities and the differences between the two!

Gambling and gaming

Gambling and gaming- what’s in a name

Although both these terms are used synonymously, there’s a sea of difference between the two of them. Gambling involves wagering an amount or any valuable item to an uncertain event or outcome. Gaming, on the contrary, is basically playing video games to win money or simply win a match.

In recent years, both of these have become an amalgamated version of one another, and hence it is rather difficult for people to curate the difference between the two.

The convergence in games

Some of the convergence in games includes:

  • Lottery
  • Many casino Games
  • Loot boxes
  • Esports

In today’s world, many of the lottery corporations have also used childhood and even adult games into the scratchcards. Many of these readily found games include:

  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble Sudoku
  • Yahtzee
  • Battleship
  • Bingo
  • Twister
  • Pictionary

The slot machines are also considered as one of the most loved games on the casino floor. If not for the revenue they generate and even the entertainment they provide the users, it would be difficult to predict the outcomes of the game. These slot machines also follow the popular theme of the gaming activities to attract audiences to their platform. Not to mention, the amalgamation of the gaming and the gambling realm increased with the increase of the social casinos.

Loot boxes

Loot boxes

The convergence of the gaming and the gambling industry also led to the invention of the loot boxes where the gamers make use of real –money, off the game to make sure of the benefits and the perks provided inside the game. This feature enhances a person’ gameplay and gaming experience. Not only is it a boon to the pro gamers, but is an equal advantage to the gaming companies as well. However, there exists a constant debate if the loot boxes were an inspiration taken initially from the gambling industry, or they’re confined just to the gaming industry.


The convergence of both the industries is undoubtedly an excellent experience for the players – but their advantages and disadvantages is still a topic of debate and interest among the enthusiast.