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Gambling Exposure & Its Influence On Gaming Vs Gambling

Gaming Vs Gambling

Gambling exposure describes the intensity up to which a person, group of people or population encounters gambling activity. There are many aspects of gambling that affect its exposure. Examples of these include the type of gambling activity, location and the number of venues. Gambling exposure is an important factor that needs to be considered in a discussion about gambling because gambling participation heavily relies on gambling exposure, and the gambling exposure factor can provide insight into what influences people to get into gambling in the first place. Some type of gambling has higher risks than others, and it can lead to problems when financial or personal distress occurs.

Gambling Tips


Gambling Setting

Gambling varies vastly with the location and type of venue. In other words, gambling takes place in different settings. Land based brick and mortar casinos seem to be preferred by gamblers, which may lead to more time being spent there. Even though age restrictions are imposed in brick and mortar casinos, an increased amount of these casinos can incite a feeling of wonder among the youth which can breed a large number of people who want to try out gambling. However, land based casinos are trying to dissuade problem gambling by putting clocks on the walls to let people know the time, self exclusion programs, behaviour tracking, policies against cash or credit advances etc. another setting that actively promotes gambling is the internet. Online gambling widens the scope of gambling to 24 hours a day, but there is no proof to suggest that it is causing any problem gambling.


There has been an increase in gambling over the past few decades. Greater availability and accessibility to gambling naturally increases its appeal to the common public.


Casinos and gambling have been represented in pop culture for a pretty long time now and it could definitely lead to greater appeal. The ads and movies show casinos in a positive light and this can lead to greater acceptance towards the public.



Even though gaming and gambling are used synonymously there is a subtle difference. Gaming is where a player wins due to skill, whereas gambling is where a player wins due to chance. However, games are now incorporating gambling features in them to gather more money. One such feature is called a loot box: a box when opened gives a person a valued object, valued only inside the game. With more and more gambling exposure, people would want to try these loot boxes; which is in a way, gambling. The main problem is that loot boxes can become addictive and before they know it, they might be spending more and more on them until they run out of money.