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What is Gambling-Like and Gaming –Like Games Means?


The gaming industry is a wide umbrella bringing together the various forms of gaming experience under it that includes and excludes any form of related financial transactions. Those that include financial transaction is called gambling. There are even other forms of games that need currency to purchase and doesn’t need for the rest of the game. However, over the years, there has been a grant confusion about whether financial purchasing of video gaming is called gambling or not. Whatever the case id, the players, as well as the critics, get confused with the same. In the following post, we will see some of the major difference as well as similarities and what make them converge into a single space.



While discussing gambling and gaming, there are specific differences and similarities between them. However, while discussing differences, you must know that gaming needs nothing but knowledge and skill. There may appear money related to money or not. But, those games that are purely based on a financial background in nothing but gambling. Few examples of gaming include; video games and many other similar online games where you are provided with many varieties of games and sites to play. You can play online, with a computer, or even offline. However, examples of gambling are entirely different. They comprise of roulette, table games, wheel spins, dice games, poker, and blackjack.  You will be provided with a lot of variety of games making gambling different from other gaming arenas.

Similarities/ Convergence

The next category is nothing but similarities. When we consider similarities, we must also check the way of convergence of both the platforms. Over the years, there have been various controversies in between both notion making it difficult for the people to categorize the activities into gambling and gaming. However, you must know that there are many features in gambling that belongs to gaming and vice versa. These similarities are mentioned like gambling-like gaming and gaming-like gambling criteria. Some of the criteria that represent these similarities and convergence are the currency, or the way games are played. Some games are becoming more controversial subject like mediate, facilitate, and practice gambling as well. Another media of this convergence is the esports media. It is a platform where games are connected towards the themes, gamification, ludification, as well as the up bring of digital culture. Few examples of gaming-like are electronic gaming machine (EGM), and gambling-like games are mini-games.



After reading all these, differences and similarities, we may be confused about whether the games we are playing are either gambling or gaming. However, even though these games provide enough merriment to the players, it is always best to understand the difference and similarities before playing.