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The convergence of Gambling and Gaming

Today’s World

Both the word possesses a different meaning – but is alternatively or synonymously used in today’s world. This blunder is mainly caused by the people or the “gamers” that are not familiar with the confusing options in each industry. We have curated this article to highlight the topic of convergence between the two sectors that have changed the way people game in today’s world.

For starters, gambling is one of the most olden forms of entertainment, which originated around the 17th Century in Italy. It directly relates to wagering money or any other valuable item, especially on events with an uncertain outcome. It mainly consists of three parts:

  • Consideration
  • Prize
  • Risk involved

On the other hand, gaming has a slightly different meaning. It simply refers to playing games and expressing the emotions of excitement and joy in a game. From console games to the mobile games, one person shooter to dressing games for the girls, all these falls under one single umbrella.

Gambling V/s gaming

Like noted earlier, gambling refers to the act or the entertainment that has been around the ages, and for some reason, it is often associated with violence, sin and vice. However, over the years, AGA has changed this perception in the society and has also managed to impart a sense of fun, joy and excitement associated with the age. Over the years, people have concluded that either you can win money, gain experience or entertainment from gaming.

Over the years, the popularity of the games in the gambling industry like the slots, and others changed the way people gambled. The invention of fast and high-speed internet has interchangeable shifted the realm to the gaming world as well. Also, the convergence of both the sectors of entertainment saw huge revenues coming in, both the industries played along nicely without any interruption.

Video games

Video games are simply called the act of gaming which started as react as the 1950s. However, its popularity grew only after it was exposed to the world of online mobile phones and the invention of other smart gadgets and devices.

The convergence of the two sectors

Since the invention of games like GTA and other console and desktop games, the confusion in the minds of the people raised to a different level. There exists a thin line between gambling for money and gaming for fun, and people often tend to confuse between the two.

A study which was conducted by the Morgan Stanley emphasized the five key differences between the two:

  • Cross marketing of both eh sectors on one single platform.
  • The introduction to gamification that impacted the gameplay and the games’ sole purpose.
  • Gaming features fund its way into the gaming sites, which includes a console, desktop and mobile games as well.
  • The introduction to the similar games in both the sectors.